Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney after Sustaining Dog Bites and Attacks?

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Dog bites and attacks are common in Tucson. Victims of these attacks can sustain serious injuries that can lead to expensive medical bills. If you are one of these victims, you may contact a tucson personal injury attorney to know your rights. Your lawyer will work to offer you diligent representation and make sure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. 

Dog bite cases can occur whether or not the dog’s owner was aware their dog was dangerous or the dog was roaming in violation of a leash law. Because of this, as a victim of a dog attack, you need to document as much of the circumstances that surround your attack as possible. Also, you need to seek immediate medical attention, report the attack to animal control authorities, document the name and address of the dog’s owner, and contact any witness to the attack. 

Are Dog Bites Serious?

A dog bite is not a serious injury, so it should not be brushed off. You must get immediate medical attention after a dog attack because of the possibilities of rabies, infections, blood loss, as well as tendons and muscle damage. If you still didn’t know, rabies is 100% fatal in humans who are not vaccinated. These injuries may also require long-term treatment, which can result in financial burdens that can get out of control in no time. This is another reason you must work with an attorney. 

Seeking Compensation for Your Injuries

The amount of settlement for dog bite injuries will come down to the specific details of the incident. For instance, if you were on somebody’s property voluntarily when you were bitten by a dog, your case can be hard to win. And your case will become harder to win if you suffer a dog bite because of a dog that was not under control and in a public space. However, remember that the circumstances that make up every incident will determine the case’s outcome. And your attorney will make sure your rights are protected and you get the compensation you deserve.

Often, in dog bite injury cases, insurance companies will put the blame on you for the attack that took place. A lot of them will falsely claim that you incited the dog in a way that caused the bite to occur. A dependable lawyer will not allow these companies to get away with these tactics. They will do everything to ensure you get the compensation you need for your injuries. 



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