The Joke’s Here: But Could It Be Accurate?

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As all lawyers know, we are inside the receiving finish of enough jokes. Though everyone knows these jokes shouldn’t be utilized seriously, it’s difficult to think about the various lawyer jokes rather of question where they be a consequence of.

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After positively hearing a couple of within the common jokes about lawyers, as opposed to just brushing them off, I recognized these jokes have the ability to one common element: They focus on an idea that lawyers share certain unfavorable characteristics.

They portray lawyers as dishonest, arrogant, unsociable, money- and power-hungry beings.

Like a lawyer (coupled with boy within the lawyer), I am unable to disagree more these stereotypes aren’t true for several lawyers.

Though I know the origins in the number of of people inaccurate characterizations, it’s unfortunate the number of within the necessary traits within the effective lawyer are actually manipulated into negative stereotypes.

Instead of refute the clearly false characteristics in lawyer jokes, Allow me to highlight a couple of within the intriguing, notable and less frequently discussed characteristics of lawyers.

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In many articles and studies regarding lawyers’ personalities, skepticism is often the finest scoring trait among lawyers. Skepticism means inclination to acquire questioning instead of simply giving the benefit of the doubt. Skeptical people are usually argumentative.

Taking into consideration the lawyer’s job ought to be to advocate for and defend others, frequently through argument, it may look like sensible that effective lawyers possess argumentative inclinations.

Furthermore, common for skeptical people to pay attention to problems and think about every possible situation that could fail.

Basically, skepticism is directly parallel to being an analytical and demanding thinker. Although the word “skepticism” alone possess a negative connotation, the critical believing that’s added to it is a necessary trait for lawyers. It enables lawyers to brainstorm every possible outcome inside the situation to ensure that people could anticipate to effectively request our clients it doesn’t appear situations may arise.


I recognize that numerous people might be surprised to discover that 60 % of lawyers are introverts given our (wrong) status to acquire power-seeking and bold.

However some people affiliate being introverted with being reserved or quiet, that is not the problem. Introverts return their energy from being alone and reflective instead of surrounding themselves with other people as an extrovert would.

For virtually any lawyer, these traits are invaluable. Essentially perform spend time and effort speaking with this clients, representing them inside the courtroom and reaching other lawyers or professionals, we spend just as much time, or greater, doing beneath the surface work alone.

Law requires us to take a position time and effort studying, writing and thinking over our cases. These important tasks are most effectively accomplished as alone – something introverts don’t mind whatsoever. Given introverts’ predisposition to think about before they speak, this might allow introverted lawyers to supply truly thoughtful ways of clients while taking a deliberate approach to risk.


Many lawyers share the indication of getting a sense of emergency. You have to obtain things done as opposed to to miss a deadline. Once we unquestionably really are a client-facing profession, the responsiveness that’s added to a sense of emergency is important to produce positive relationships with clients.

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